Social Video Discussion



Vox Explainer Studio; Brand Partnership with Spotify

The Explainer studio is a branded offering that applies Vox's signature "deep dives" to brand stories

Examples: Spotify & Playlist Curation, NFL & The History of Fantasy Football, Ben & Jerry's : The Science Behind Why You Love Ice Cream

I felt that this video was a prime example of how video is being used in increasingly creative ways to hook consumer's attention. Vox's approach pairs their attention-grabbing design techniques with popular data-driven brand, Spotify, to explain the innovations behind their most popular streaming services. For users, this video helps them better understand the multiple facets of their music consumption and for non-users, Vox positions the topic in an way that is both aesthetically pleasing and intriguing enough for them to care even though it doesn't apply to their habits. 

Notes From Class

There was a very diverse offering of videos from class last week that each demonstrated their postion in a growing video-based industry. I find that most of my consumption of social videos are educational in nature, much like the Vox video I presented. Though, I was happy to see what a variety of styles social videos can take on. For example, we all agreed that simple and short is often better. There were plenty of great quick cooking examples from Tasty and even a poor approach to this style from Macy's and Martha Stewart. I appreciated those videos that fell on the other end of the spectrum like Matthew's video on Blockchain.

I think my favorite example was probably the video on refugees and cellphones. I had read about this issue before but it did not resonate as deeply. The video put the expierence in our hands in a relatable and eerie way. I think this example was so powerful because the refugee crisis is far removed from the everyday American expierence. Of course, it made sense for the BBC to focus on an issue that is impacting people much closer to home but placing the issue on a platform like the IPhone made its reach far wider than Europe.