Jeff Oliver

Questions for Lecture:

How has the YMCA evolved in light of fitness trends and changing demographics? What are the biggest changes you've witnessed?

Are there traditions that the YMCA has chosen upheld despite changing trends locally and within the organization as a whole?



While not many of us were in class for our discussion with Jeff Oliver, I appreciated the intimate size of our group. With such a small number of people, each of us were able to dive deep into a number of topics and gain greater insight to the possibilities that come after graduating from the SOJC. I appreciated Jeff's nostalgic commentary on the evolution of the SOJC, Allen Hall and the Prefontaine Classic. What struck me most about our conversation with Jeff was the diverse roads he's traveled down since he graduated from UO. The diverse array of opportunities featured on Jeff's resume gave me hope that a degree in Advertising in P.R does not limit you to the field, but give you a foundation to build upon in whichever way you see fit. Jeff has combined his degree with a deep interest in sports to create a professional life that he loves. While I am not the biggest sports enthusiast, I see many ways that Jeff's path after UO could inspire me to take advantage of my foundation (the degree) and use my unique interests to grow a career that I love. I also enjoyed seeing an alum that stuck around Eugene and invested his education into the greater community. It is often that college towns experience a certain degree of brain drain, as many of the students are only in the area temporarily and take the skills gathered from school elsewhere. Jeff not only invests in his community by running and fundraising for the YMCA, but works hard to ensure that Eugene is still selected to host major sporting events like the Prefontaine Classic. Bringing these events to Eugene allows local businesses to benefit from the financial rewards of tourism. 

I learned a great degree about the YMCA as an organization