Welcome! I'm Emi

I am currently a senior in the SOJC Advertising program. I was born and raised in Sun Valley, Idaho.

As of now, I call Oregon & San Francisco home. While the 20th century cultivated tremendous media development and technological growth, the 21st century has developed a force of 'digital native' professionals and innovators. Creative genius turned wise mentors, many of our current digital giants were hatched in garages by cultural outliers. Just over a decade ago, code was scribbled across a dorm wall and is now valued at $500 billion dollars. Those of us in our second decade still remember the floppy disk and had a facebook by age 13. We have reached maturity alongside ground-breaking innovations in technology while also witnessing great cultural flux. Morale may be low in the media industry given the current climate, but boy do we have the power to make positive cultural, economic and environmental change. As a journalism and advertising student, media and technology touches nearly every facet of daily life. I am constantly curious about emerging fields in media technology, the sharp minds behind them and their potential impact on our lives as public citizens and media professionals. I look forward to learning from industry leaders and engaging in meaningful discussion throughout the term.

Thanks for visiting!